Grey’s Anatomy + b-roll footage in season 10

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I’ve never been in a relationship that’s lasted this long before. To get past the beginning and still want to be around each other? I think that’s pretty incredible. And the fact that this is happening with you… yeah, I think that’s pretty exciting. 

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are you fighting, katniss? are you here to fight with us?

                                         i  a m . i  w i l l .

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Craig Ferguson: Natalie and Sophie, are you jealous of the swordplay? Do you ever wish you could get a little more in the way of kind of brutal killing action going on? [x]

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Sophie Turner on the appeal of Kit Harington’s accent. [x]

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No one else can do this but her.

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mutant and

                      p r o u d.

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following back tons♡

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I died laughing for 8 million years

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Characters + Emoji
↳ Grey’s Anatomy (Part I) [requested by anon]
[Part II here]

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